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Roger Stiller and the collaborations with hitfinders music


Class of ’82, self-taught person.  Since he was young he had a great passion for the “night life”.
In 1994, when he was 12 years old, he firstly approached the mixer beginning his career with private parties,
going on with disco pubs, fashion shows, happy-hours and other events and parties all over Piedmont - “Propaganda, Art Music Club”; “Favola Fashion Club”; “Bicocca”; “Opera”; etc.
With his dj sets he took part in some radios like “Rin - Radio Italia Network”; “M2o”; “Radio Deejay” and finally “Radio Party Groove”. Rogers’ style is happy but at the same time it doesn’t have to be took for granted. His favourite shade is without a doubt the “garage” among his favourites there are: Joe Smooth, Vernessa Mitchell, Suzanne Palmer, Jocelyn Brown and other great artists of the house garage background. He also likes, for his technique, “ Giorgio Prezioso”.
In 2006 he starts with productions: Mash up Bootleg and remix of important artists of the moment, that has been played by radios e by his colleagues all over Italy.
In 2009 he entered the crew “Peopledance” : he made a remix of the single “The train” by Dj Frisk ( Hitfinders ) ; he also remixed “Boom (Albin Myers)”, “Don’t upset the rhythm (Noisettes)", “Paparazzi and Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)" He still works with Dj Frisk a.k.a. Hitfinders ih the new single “I Need You” ,and "Wake Up" with the "Legend Of Rap" : Kurtis Blow, and he is taking part as one of the promoters of the project “FOR MUSIC TV” a new
television music channel for the Italian Digital Terrestrian Television.
Continue in 2011 and 2012 in addition to his work in clubs with his productions and remixes for Hitfinders, S&A, Hangwolves and with the cover of a house hit of the past "Finally" in the cover version by Sovrana Prod Pres Remakerz Ft Lafaux to Label Energy-X.
Official Remix

Roger Stiller collaborations with Hitfinders Music
2013 Hitfinders Music -  "Attention", new single from Lory Albano, the remix by Roger Stiller gives strenght to this awesome release. Hear on beatport
2010 Hitfinders - I Need You - Roger Stiller True Love Mix  hear it on beatport
2009 Dj Frisk Ft. 5k0tt - The Train (Roger Stiller Wagon Lits Remix)

Other recordings with Roger Stiller
2012 Hangwolves - Milkway (Roger Stiller Rolling Remix) (Urban Life Records)  
2012 Sovrana Prod. Ft. Lacroix - Plastic Surgery (Roger Stiller Lipo Remix) (- D:Vision/ X-Energy Records)
2012 Sovrana Prod presents Remakerz feat LaFaux - "Finally" - (Roger Stiller Love Remix) (- D:Vision/ X-Energy Records)
2012 Pedro Oliveira - Ai se eu te pego (Roger Stiller Dutch Me Remix) Official Cover Remix - Ipnotika Records/ Sunflower  
2012 S&A - I See You (Roger Stiller Hot Remix) (Urban Life Records )
2011 Hitfinders Ft. Kurtis Blow - Wake Up (Roger Stiller Whore Mix) - Italian Release (Pulse Code Records) (Generations Records)
2011 S&A - Feeling You (Roger Stiller Sweety Remix) (Ipnotika Records/Sunflower)
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