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Reneek, dj and producer, with hitfinders music


Reneek, real name Renè, started to be interested in music since he was a child, studying piano from 7 years old. His first experience in consolle was at Rondò Club. After the first exhibitions as amateur, he understood that could be his job, and decided to dedicate his time completely to music and to improve himself daily, till he became one of resident dj's at Rondò Club. After 2 years, the choice of concerning on his own style, less commercial.
Meantime, Reneek had the opportunity to play at many parties, with various artists in the East of Slovakia. He played with: Charlie Cluber (Charlie Clubbers), Laddy M (Charlie Clubbers), Fresh Clubber (Charlie Clubbers), Paul Boski, Peetboy (Hungary), Stame (radio Europa 2), Pepo (radio Kiss), and many others. In the middle of 2010, Reneek started producing tracks, with his first singles, and at the end of the same year, he released his first EP, titled "Amafeel“. The EP title comes from the first track, “Amazing Feel“. In the same EP there are other 2 singles, inclusing “Sunrise“, licensed, in compilation, on Trident Music Vol. 23.
In the middle of 2012 he signed with Hitfinders Music for his new single, "Dream", featuring the dutch singer Reshmay.

Reneek's releases with Hitfinders Music
2013 - Dream - Reneek feat Reshmay           hear on itunes
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