Renato Ghelli works with the recording label Hitfinders Latin - Hitfinders Music is a recording project that produces progressive house music and songs

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Renato Ghelli works with the recording label Hitfinders Latin


Some tv experiences: the most important at "Sarabanda", on the tv national channel Italia 1, the longest at LTN Loop Television Network, at the end of '90's, tv show that was also produced by him.
Actually, a tv show on Quartarete TV, regional Tv channel based in Piedmont, broadcasted till June, 2012. From 1990 he works exclusively in Latin Music, in the best and most important italian clubs.
In 1993 he started an ambitious project with Radio Antenna 1: create a radiostation that broadcasts only latin music. This brought immediately very good results, and still today, Radio Antenna 1 broadcasts latin music for 22 hours a day, with a website that allows to stay in touch worldwide.
in 1997-1998 Renato has got the opportunity to take part into the "Festival Latino-Americano" in Turin, that saw him as presenter at the "Stadio Delle Alpi", and from 1997 till 2004 he won 10 awards for latin music, and from 1999 he is one of the dj's who represents Italy at World Salsa Conferences in Latin America.
All these results led him to be considered as one of the best latin dj's in Europe. In 2003 and 2004 he took part at the "Latin Dj All Stars", voted by people as one of most valued dj's in Italy at "LatinoAmericando", festival at the forum of Assago, in Milan. Into the italian latin scene is known as "El Gordito De Oro", and during his performances everything can happen, because he sings and plays guitar, bass and percussions, that, together with his skills of presenter/entertainer, make any situation easy, even if with big names as guests. Renato worked with Los Locos as "researcher" for 2 of their famous tracks "Tic Tic Tac" and "Salta". 2003 and 2004 were 2 important years for him, because he became official presenter of the "Congreso Mundial de la Salsa", for the italian dates, and thank to his professionality he was in Ponce (Puerto Rico), as co-presenter, in July, 2005.
His most desired dream is to work in a nation radiostation with a show centered on Latin Jazz. He speaks spanish very well, in particular that one spoken in Latin America.
His experiences were in the best radiostations based in Piedmont, such as Radio Alpha, Radio Reporter, Radio Centro 95, Radio Veronica 933, Radio Antenna 1. Actually he is back on air on Radio Antenna 1, from 5 to 7 PM. Another important project started in at the end on 2005, sees Renato together with important latin dj's, on air on "Onda Tropical - Web Radio Latina", with Pepe Bassan, Denis La Clave, Fabrizio Zoro and Mackie, Francisco Rojos and Antonello Dj Pupo.
Renato Ghelli collaborations with Hitfinders Latin music
2012 - Miami - Hitfinders ft. Renato Ghelli, Felipe Romero & Lord System (Hitfinders Latin) - hear on beatport
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