Hitfinders Music recording productions - Hitfinders Music is a recording project that produces progressive house music and songs

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Hitfinders Music recording productions


Discography, of Hitfinders and Hitfinders Music, can count on 31 singles, 27 on physical support, 4 EP, 18 official remixes, 52 compilations, 8 on physical supports, including one volume of “Suburbia”, 2 by Pioneer, one by Pacha Club in Ibiza, and one by the “Baia Imperiale, in Gabicce, Italy.
About production, the experience in recent years has led to a search of sounds that cover different genres of music, with some singles similar to the classic American House, and others to the European genre, until settling on the strand of Progressive House, Electro House and Tech-House, with the intention of producing club singles which can be danced.

The Hitfinders Show was performed in some of the most important european clubs, such as "Ibiza Club" in Yasmine Hammamet , Tunisia,  "Palladium Club" and "Sadi Popedi" in Odessa, Ukraine, "Mirò Club" in Bolzen, "Baia Imperiale" in Gabicce, "Les Number One" in Giromagny-Belfort, France, "Viva Club" in Bremen, Germany, "Pascià Fashion Club" in Lugano, Switzerland, "La Gare" in Turin, "Tocqueville13" in Milan.

Hitfinders Music Group proposes an incredible show that will make your audience go crazy!
In details:

- Dj-Set: 1 hour and a half of dj-set, played, live, by Dj Frisk from Hitfinders. Available the opportunity of having an awesome VST (Virtual Instruments) workstation, in consolle, that plays, live, with the dj-set.
- Professional video shootings, during the party.
- Online promotion (Facebook, Twitter, www.hitfinders.net, www.peopledanceparty.com) to about 35.000 direct followers.
- Gadgets: Hitfinders Music is always present with T-shirts, caps, cd's, backpacks, and other stuff that is given, as gift, to people.

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