E-Starr and the recording collaborations with Hitfinders Music - Hitfinders Music is a recording project that produces progressive house music and songs

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E-Starr and the recording collaborations with Hitfinders Music


How to introduce a living legend?
Starting from the '80's, when the Ottawan adventure was born, with Its unforgettable hits like “Hands Up”, “D.I.S.C.O.”, “Shalala Song”, “Crazy Music”, “You're Ok”?. Or from the countless of times that has been around the world performing and making masses of people get excited, old fans as new ones? Maybe the best choice is to say that E-Starr, one of the original members of Ottawan, the historical female lead voice, is continuing not only to perform worldwide with Robert as Ottawan, but even to write and to sing new songs, or new arrangements of old hits, as E-Starr, according to actual sounds and technical solutions, with many important collaborations, like that one with the Hitfinders team. E-Starr yearly offers to her audience the opportunity to meet physically worldwide, from U.S.A. To CIS countries, from Europe to Asia, thanks to tours always centered on her incredible, natural skill to involve people while singing these songs that have become part of the life of each of us.
Her refinement, her prettiness and at the same time her intensity continue to give us fun and reassure us and our dreams. E-Starr is here to make our dreams come true, with the music. With this music.
Releases and collaborations of E-Starr and Hitfinders Music
2012 - "HANDS-UP"    hear on Beatport      hear on iTunes

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